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Let The Blind Lead The Blind

Even though Jesus has clearly told us, that, if we are divided, against one another (as members of the Kingdom of God, or as members of the Body of Christ, or as members of the Church (of which there is really only one, of course)), we SHALL fall (which means falling before Satan, and his servants (which servants include those who yield themselves, to obey Satan, and which servants include both spiritual, and human beings, of course)), and which is of primary concern (for those of us who realize, just how dreadful it has been, and is, and always shall be, to fall, before Satan, and his servants (like France fell, before Hitler, and Nazi Germany, in WWII)), most “so called” leaders, and most “so called” Christians have placed our being united, as Christians, way, “way,” WAY down their list of priorities.

In short, they have simply been far too busy, etc., to have even been bothered.  And, if Satan continues to have his way, and we (as Christians) continue to be divided, and continue to fall (before the enemy of life, and the father of lies (Satan)), these “so called” leaders, and these “so called” Christians will get even busier, in the future, and everyone will continue to suffer, but on a greater, and greater scale.

[Note:  Everyone suffers, when Satan has his way, because Satan doesn’t even love his own.  And, now, a genocide of Christians has manifested, and has also been recognized as such, in the Middle East, and in other parts of the world.  Please do NOT be deceived:  Division (among Christians) already has, and will affect everyone on the planet (including Americans), GUARANTEED!  No one will escape ‐‐ that is, unless there is some serious repentance (among many), and some serious changes are made, SOON!]

In fact, given that (depending upon who you talk to) there are between 30,000, and 40,000 “so called” Christian Denominations, in America, it is perfectly clear, that we, as Christians, have been influenced, by Satan, and by his servants (given that they also know, that, if we are divided, we SHALL fall) ‐‐ and, which servants have obviously taken up positions of great authority, and leadership, in the churches.

[Note:  Satan’s servants include those who yield themselves, to serve, or to obey him (which includes those who believe, and teach false doctrines, damnable heresies, the doctrines of devils, or lies (which believing, and teaching these things has been rampant, among those who call themselves pastors, and prophets, and even apostles), as well as those who are NOT gathered, or united, themselves, and those who are NOT helping Jesus, to gather, or unite Believers, into that one fold, with one shepherd (which one fold is the Body of Christ, or the Church, and which one shepherd is Jesus, of course)), and which servants include both spiritual, and human beings (most people being totally oblivious to the fact, that there are both spiritual beings (or demons), and human beings (or wolves in sheep’s clothing), that bow down to, worship, follow, serve, or obey Satan (even if it is by their doing as little, as NOT being with Jesus, or by NOT helping Jesus, to gather, or unite those who believe in Him (because they have “heard” the Word of God being preached (by which faith comes), inside, or outside of the churches))).  Obviously, Satan and his servants have been making a mess, in the churches of America, for decades.  And, in some way, virtually all of us have been responsible for allowing this.  Help us, Lord.  Amen.]

[Also Note:  If we support someone, in any way (financially, or otherwise), who does NOT preach the “full” Gospel, but rather preaches some “other” gospel, or an “edited” version, we are as guilty (of his evil deeds), and as accursed (by God), as he is (see 2John 1:5-11, Gal. 1:6-9, Rev. 22:16-21, and more).  And, Christians, who are found to be guilty, by Jesus (who is the Judge of everyone, and who will judge everyone, by His Word, without respect of persons), will be condemned (see Luke 12:41-48, Rev. 3:5-6, and more).  No one has a sin-pass.  And, we have been warned, as Believers, to work out our salvation, with fear and trembling (see Phil. 2:12, Heb. 12:11-29, and more).  So, let’s BELIEVE this, and “do” it.]

Given that Jesus has told us, that, if we are divided (as members of the Kingdom of God, or the Body of Christ, or the Church), we SHALL fall, it is no wonder that we have been falling, in our economy, in our legislative processes, in our judicial processes, in our educational systems, in our healthcare systems, in our media, in our homes, in our morality, and in virtually every aspect of our very busy lives.

And, if the “written” Word of God is true (which it is), God will hold “true” leaders, as well as “true” Christians accountable, for what they have allowed “so called” leaders, and “so called” Christians to have both said, and done, and to have both NOT said, and NOT done, in the name of Jesus (in America, and around the world), without having made much more than just a little peep.

[Note:  Only by being united, and by working together, can we make our voice be heard, as the “one” Body of Christ, or as the “one” the Church, over which Jesus is the “one” Head, or Lord, or Boss, and the “one” Judge of the living, and the dead (and who will judge everyone, without respect of persons, by His “written” Word).  And, obviously, our “one” voice will NOT be popular, with certain wicked, or evil individuals.  We are in a flat-out war, over what people will “believe,” and then “do,” BECAUSE of what they believe.  And, we do have mortal enemies.  Therefore, logically, we absolutely MUST get, be, and stay united, as Christians (given that one of us will chase a thousand, and two of us will chase ten thousand, etc., and given that there is safety, in a multitude of godly counselors, and more).  However, Jesus has also COMMANDED us, to get, be, and stay united, as Christians.  So, hopefully, we will choose to “obey” Him (of course) ‐‐ which is totally necessary (see John 14:15-26, Acts 3:22-23, and more).]

[Also Note:  In order to be united, and work together, and make our voice be heard (as the one Body of Christ, or the one Church), we must “agree,” on who God is, on what He has said, and on what He has MEANT (by what He has said), because we can “rightly divide” His “written” Word, as well as “rightly discern” His voice.  God’s children can hear Jesus’ voice, and they will NOT follow the voice of another, while Satan’s children CANNOT hear Jesus’ words (or voice), nor do they obey Him (see John 8:21-47, 1John 3:6-12, and more).  In fact, Satan’s children will “run interference” (in any way possible), with regard to what Jesus has said, as well as with regard to what He wants to have done, by His servants.  Therefore, we must be as wise as serpents, and as harmless as doves (in the service of our Lord), and we must trust, that Jesus will deliver us, from the hands of all our enemies, and from the hands of all those who hate us, so that we can live our lives (and serve our Lord), in holiness, and righteousness, without fear (see Mat. 10:16, John 10:1-5, Luke 1:67-75, Rom. 12:1-21, and more).  As Believers, we are only kept safe, because of, or by God’s manifested “power” (see Luke 10:1-24, 1Cor. 10:13, and more).]

Now, God’s judgment begins in the House, in the Temple, or in the Church of God (see 1Pet. 4:17-18).  And, God has, does, and always will judge, and find guilty, and punish His “disobedient” children, as well as those who attack His “obedient” children. 

AND, remember:  Jesus is God, as well as the Judge of both the living, and the dead (see 1Tim:3:16 (in the King James Version), John 8:37-59, Acts 10:34-43, and a whole lot more). 

AND, remember:  Of them, to whom much more has been given, much more is required (see Luke 12:41-48). 

AND, remember:  Much more has been given, to us, who live in America, today, than to anyone else, in the entire history of man.

AND, remember:  All God needs to do, to judge disobedient, stubborn, stiff-necked, rebellious, proud, arrogant, slothful, or negligent, American Christians, is to lift His hand of protection, and Satan will be extremely happy, to fulfill that which God has promised us, in His “written” Word.

[Note:  God has told us, in His “written” Word (which will never change), that everyone, who will not obey Jesus, will be destroyed, and that Satan is the destroyer (see Acts 3:22-23, and John 10:10-18).  Therefore, given that God cannot lie, everyone must obey Jesus, or they will be destroyed ‐‐ and, they could be destroyed by Satan, or by God, who both builds up, and breaks down (see Eccl. 3:1-8, etc.).]

So, given that “true” leaders, and even “true” Christians have been less than faithful, to get, be, and stay united, and to shout, from the housetops, what God has whispered into their ears (which includes the types of things, that have been spoken, in this website (which have NOT been commonly spoken)), they will be judged, as having been less than faithful ‐‐ that is, unless there is some serious repentance, and soon (which includes taking appropriate action, with regard to our being gathered, or united, and gathering, or uniting those who believe in Jesus, and preaching the “full” Gospel, and more, of course).

The “written” Word of God, or the Holy Bible (and, specifically, the King James Version) tells us, that any nation, that forgets God, shall be turned into hell (see Psalm 9:17) ‐‐which just makes sense, because the Church (which is the only institution of salvation in the world) has been divided, and falling, and unable to do her job.  So, America, and Americans have been forgetting God, and we have been watching our nation being turned into hell, right before our very eyes ‐‐ which is exactly what God has also promised us, in His “written” Word.

God CANNOT “lie.” 

And, if America is turned into hell, everyone, worldwide, SHALL “suffer.”

AND, America is on the brink of “disaster,” which we refer to, as an INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY ‐‐ even because America represents the hope of liberty, and justice for all, for everyone on the planet, including Americans.

AND, if America should fall, before Satan, and his many, very united, and exceedingly vicious servants, dictators will rise up, all over the world, and there will be no where safe, to live, or to raise children, or to have any freedom, or justice, at all, period.  This is an extremely unsettling thought, but plausible ‐‐ that is, unless there is some serious repentance (on the part of many), SOON!  Help us, Lord.  Amen.

Now, even though Jesus has clearly told us, that we (as Christians) have absolute authority, over Satan, and more, there are many “so called” leaders, as well as many “so called” Christians, who believe, and teach, that things are supposed to get worse, and worse, as time goes on.  And, they even say, that the “written” Word of God, or the Holy Bible tells us this ‐‐ which it does NOT tell us ‐‐ and, which even history itself does NOT tell us.  And, this confusion, over what the Word of God says, is of Satan.

[Note:  For scriptural support, for the above statements, or for any other statements, or for projects, venues, or mechanisms, by which we, as a united, standing, and overcoming Body of Christ, or Church, can make certain, that America, and Americans will NOT “forget” God, and that we (as Christians) will NOT fall, and that we will prosper (in the service of our Lord), etc., please contact us.  And, you can contact us, by leaving a message, at (855) JESUS – IS (a 24/7 Voice Mail).]

The Bottom Line:

Do NOT let blind “so called” leaders, or even blind “so called” Christians lead you, into believing a lie, or even into disregarding this life-and-death, critical “call,” for UNITY, among the true and faithful.

And, do NOT let blind “so called” leaders, or even blind “so called” Christians lead you, into believing the lie, that we (as Christians) do NOT have complete authority, over Satan, and more.

And, do NOT let blind “so called” leaders, or even blind “so called” Christians lead you, into believing the lie, that we will NOT be held accountable, by God, if we do NOT exercise that God-given authority.

And, do NOT let blind “so called” leaders, or even blind “so called” Christians lead you, into believing the lie, that we can exercise our God-given authority, over the Accuser of the Brethren (Satan), and more, if we have sin in our lives.

And, do NOT let blind “so called” leaders, or even blind “so called” Christians lead you, into believing the lie, that we (as Christians) cannot be condemned, and cast into hell, if we do NOT overcome ‐‐ which demands that we be in agreement, with Jesus, and with one another, so that we can walk together, work together, stand, win, prevail, triumph, get the victory, keep the victory, and overcome, in every aspect of our lives.

Our temporal, and eternal lives are at stake (given that Jesus is the Judge of the living, and the dead, and given that He will judge everyone, by His “written” Word, without respect of persons, for what he has said, and done, and NOT said, and NOT done, and given that those who have been given more, will be held to a higher standard, than those who have not been given as much).

In fact, things are so serious, that, in Proverbs 1:20-33, God’s Word (who is Jesus, of course) told us, that, if we refuse to hearken, to wisdom, God will laugh as us, and mock us, and refuse to answer our prayers, as we are being destroyed.  And, Jesus is God.

Both wisdom, and Jesus have clearly, and definitively been telling us, as Christians, to get, be, and stay united, for generations.

So, who will hearken?

Will you?

We hope so.

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.


The Call For Unity

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P.S.  Do NOT allow yourself to be slothful, or negligent, or to be led away, by the error of the wicked, or by the “blindness” of others, or by those who mock, or scoff, or by the proud, or arrogant, or by those who are too busy (doing anything), to take time, to unite, or by the simple, or by fools, who may have prospered, financially, but who have treated God’s Word, like it is anything less than absolute.  In other words, do NOT let others drag you into the ditch, or into destruction (in one form, or another), or into hell, or into the lake of fire and brimstone (which wasn’t even prepared for you, but, rather, for Satan, and his demons).  It is your future.  So, please choose to hearken, to wisdom (who is God, and who is also God’s Word (Jesus being both God’s Word, and God)), and please choose to do it NOW (given that you always live NOW).  Today is the day of salvation.  So, please pick up your phone, and call us, today, “right now,” IMMEDIATELY!  This truly is an INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY ‐‐ that is, for those of us, who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to understand, what has really been going on, and what the ramifications shall be, if we don’t fix things, SOON (which things you can ask about, if you wish)!  The Bottom Line:  If you can see, hear, or understand, please leave a message, at (855) JESUS – IS (Voice Mail).  And, again, please do it today, “right now,” IMMEDIATELY!  And, may God bless you, and yours, and all of us.  Help us, Lord.  Amen.