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Please help us,
to be gathered, or united
(as those who believe in Jesus,
and as those who also obey Him),
on a “global” basis ‐‐ even as Jesus
has commanded us, to be united
(see Mat. 12:30, and more),
for everyone’s benefit
(given that Satan
cannot “love”

Everyone can help Jesus,
and all of us, to be “gathered,”
into God’s “one” fold (which is the
“one” Body of Christ, or Church),
with God’s “one” shepherd
(who is Jesus).

Jesus is alive, and
He is calling God’s children,
into unity, and into the many benefits,
that always follow “obedience”
(see John 14:15-26,
and more).

if you have an ear to hear,
please respond, to God’s call for unity.

you can start,
by leaving us a message.

Please Call(855) JESUS – IS(Voice Mail)

may God bless you,
and yours, and all of us. 
Help us, Lord. 



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